6 Popular Nail Polish Holder Designs You Need to Have

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If you are an owner of many beauty products, it can be hard to find the one you want, especially if you’re in a hurry. Having specific holders to separate your products into various categories can benefit you significantly by improving your organization skills. These properties apply to nail polish when you have different types and brands you constantly use. Your nail polish holder doesn’t have to be bland.

There are many designs and types of nail polish holders you can choose from that best suit the style you want. These holders will save you a messy home and make it easy to find and use your nail polish. Since most of them are of average price, it makes it possible for you to invest in several cases for all your products.

Creative Nail Polish Holder Brand Designs You’ll Love

1. Jiasheng Nail Polish Case

This case is a two-sided transparent nail polish holder that can hold many different nail polish bottles. It has designated areas for each bottle and is upright with a side part for additional products.

2. Luxja Zipped Bag Case

It is in the size and shape of a small purse with a zipper. The small design allows it to fit a small bag easily and can be carried anywhere. The inside storage area is divided into three parts you can use to store your polish and additional small products without getting a bulge.

3. Farmard Polish Organizer

This case is a cushioned organizer divided into two upper and lower cubicles. Both of them require zipping and can keep a large number of bottles, even huge ones.

4. Frenesa Rose Train Case

This design is both very unique and extraordinary. It combines gold and rose colors and looks like a fancy vintage briefcase trunk. The inside can store up to 24 colors with an addition of a mirror. It has a remarkable keylock security feature and a pullable drawer.

5. Mokaro Rotating Nail Polish Holder

It is a tall, shelved, and spacious kit to store your nail polish and other beauty products. It has a 360 degrees rotation system, and the shelves can be adjusted to fit products differently.

6. Tbest Max Holder

This stand has a transparent acrylic look and compartments for nail polish storage. It is already preassembled and can hold up to 24 products simultaneously.

7. Lay-N-Go Drawstring Bag

This nail polish holder has a circular but flat inside kind of design. It has eight compartments, each of 18inches measurement. The zipped bag has a floral pink exterior that is very artistic and creative.

8. GoBam Storage Holder

GoBam has a smooth wooden surface with a drawer you can pull back to add your commodities. The top part is categorized in different sizes and can be a multipurpose holder for your counter. It is noticeably big and hence is not portable.


Organization skills are essential when you have a lot of nail polish products you’d love to access quickly. Nail polish holders help you get the proper organization you want, which in some cases can be portable. These holders are also multipurpose storage compartments and can hold other products like makeup and body oil.


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