Jaw Crusher vs Impact Crusher Vs Cone Crushers

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If you have had experience buying a mesda mobile crusher, you will understand how confusing it can become. The confusion never comes from not seeing what you want or mistrust in the company. The confusion usually comes from the exact one to choose. Most mobile crushers from Mesdagroup have high efficiency, and they can stand the test of time. Also, the company provided different types of crushers with different capacities, sizes, and types. These crusher machines are usually versatile, and you can use them for multiple functions, including production, recycling, and mining.

A common debate in the mobile crusher industry is the one between the best among all types of mobile crushers. With the most rampant comparison being between the jaw, cone, and impact crushers. All three of these crushers have their respective design and working processes. Also, they have respective functions and techniques you can use them for. In this guide, we’ll show an unbiased analysis of the jaw, cone, and impact crushing machine, explaining each working process, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s go!

What is a jaw crusher, and why do you need one

A jaw crusher is a type of crushing machine widely known and regarded because of its brutal force. While it can only work in the primary crushing stage, the jaw crusher is popular because it Crushes big rocks into smaller sizes easily. If you want to crush rock, but you do not need the rock to be too small, a jaw crusher will do the job. The device works with two plates referred to as jaws by many, known as the swing plate and the fixed plate. When it is turned on, the motor channels the movable plate to crush the materials. When it reaches the desired size, it will go through the space in between the swing plate and fixed plate.

Advantages of jaw crushers

A jaw crusher has many advantages, including doing the hard job of crushing the material from its initial stage to a smaller stage. Also, you do not need too much maintenance with the jaw crusher.

What is an impact crusher, and why do you need one

An impact crusher works in all crushing stages, including the primary, secondary, and tertiary stages. The crusher works with hammers which continue to hit the material based on the size you require. When the material enters it through the top of the crusher, it crushes into different sizes.

Advantages of impact crushers

With an impact crusher, you can crush multiple items simultaneously and get different sizes. Also, you have more control over the types of the size you get.

What is a cone crusher, and why do you need one

With a similar working design to a gyratory crusher, the cone crusher is another common one. The device works with a rotating head that usually has a resistance to wear and tear. It also has two plates acting as jaws that break the material into smaller pieces, and it passes through to the next stage of crushing

Advantages of a cone crusher

Using a cone crusher doesn’t exactly cost a lot of money. More so, you will produce more quickly.


The comparison between jaw crushers, impact crushers, and conical crushers is not ending. While there is no best amongst all three, we have compared all three in this guide.


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