How does the Noise Cancellation feature work in Honor True wireless Earbuds

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It’s fair to say that the Honor True wireless bluetooth earbuds are a great pair of headphones for the price.

For starters, they’re packed full of features that you’d expect from flagship headsets: noise cancellation, wireless charging and an LED case. And despite the lower price bracket, their sound quality is pretty decent.

The feature that stands out in particular is the noise cancellation function. How does it work?

Noise cancellation is a feature used to remove unwanted sound and noise. It is often used to reduce background noise in audio recording. Active noise cancellation is an active method to reduce noise by means of producing an opposite sound wave. The opposite wave generated cancels out the environmental noise and thus reduces the overall intensity level of the sound.

The first step in achieving this is by using two microphones on each side of the earbuds, which would pick up all the external sounds, and a second microphone would then generate a mirror image of this soundwave and play it back into your ears. This would cancel out all the external sounds, however there is still a chance that the user could hear some external sounds due to the fact that some noises can be louder than others.

This is why true wireless earphones need a secondary mechanism of active noise reduction, which involves injecting additional ambient noise into your ears, so that your brain doesn’t get confused and starts hearing things it shouldn’t hear.

Is the Noise Cancellation Feature Power Consuming?

Honor True wireless earbuds are designed to give you a truly innovative listening experience. But does the noise cancellation feature consume more power?

The answer is no! Honor True Wireless Earbuds uses an extremely low power consumption chip for noise cancellation, which is different from the traditional active noise cancellation solution.

The traditional active noise cancellation solution needs to use a high-power DSP chip and high-performance CPU, which leads to excessive power consumption. In contrast, Honor has applied for a patent for its innovative AI noise reduction technology.

It uses a low-power AI chip, which consumes less power and provides superior performance. The earbuds automatically recognize the environment and adjust the level of active noise cancellation accordingly.

On top of that, Honor True Wireless Earbuds come with an IPX5 waterproof rating, so you can enjoy music even during your sweaty workout sessions without worrying about damaging the earbuds!

Why Is it Important to Put Specific Earbuds in the Correct Ear?

Earbuds are the most popular choice of headphone to wear when on the go, working out and just walking around. They’re easy to use, often come with your MP3 player or phone and are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end.

Although they’re a great option and tend not to hurt your ears like some headphones can, there is one problem with earbuds: They don’t always sit right in your ears.

Many people wear earbuds incorrectly, so they keep falling out of the ear. For example, the left bud might be placed in the right ear and vice versa. This is not a huge problem if you’re just listening to music around the house or in bed, but it’s annoying if you’re walking around town or working out at the gym. It’s also pretty bad if you’re listening to music at high volumes. Using earbuds incorrectly can reduce bass response and stereo separation.

so when you put the left earbud in your right ear and vice versa, you’re reducing the quality of the sound. The reason is that the right and left channels are swapped.

The left earbud contains a dedicated channel for voices, while the right one contains a dedicated channel for instruments, or music. So if you wear them backwards, you’re going to hear music with your left ear and vocals with your right ear.

Wearing them correctly is important if you want to enjoy high-quality sound! You can’t enjoy this when you don’t have the earbuds as well. You must also have the earbuds. Get them today quite affordably!


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