How to Know It’s Time to Say Bye to A VSD Air Compressor?

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If you have no understanding of air compressors, you may be wondering why people are spending their money on buying them and then on their maintenance. The reason is that air compressors play a vital role in fulfilling the functions of our daily life and never fail in providing ease to the users.

It is mostly demanded in the platforms where work of decrease in volume and increase in pressure is taking place. It has a wide range of applications that include spraying crops, inflatable balloons, operating dry cleaners, filling gas in cylinders, and even in different agricultural fields.

Hence, it shows a variable speed drive air compressor is not only helpful in daily life but also in the industrial field. So, let us know the alerting signs that it’s time to replace the vsd screw air compressor.

Signs of Damaged VSD Air Compressor

We all know that we can increase the life period of a machine while taking proper care of it. In this way, it will become very helpful for us to make our work more efficient as well as productive. Moreover, if you feel any kind of disturbance in a variable-speed air compressor then it will be a good idea to take further steps instead of ignoring the signs.

Given signs will alert you so that you can take steps to replace it or just repair it?

Difference in Air Temperature

The most prominent sign that our screw air compressor is not working perfectly is the difference in the air temperature coming out of the compressor. Usually, the air coming out of the compressor is not too hot but if hot air is coming out then it indicates that the screw compressor is facing an issue and needs repair.

Difference in Pressure

We all know that pressure is considered one of the most important elements in the working of a variable-speed compressor. It will be impossible to carry on working the compressor without adjusting the pressure. Therefore, a bad screw compressor will not be able to build the required pressure.

Discharged Air

The presence of much oil in the compressor is because of the air that is discharged from the system. Therefore if you notice discharge air from your compressor then immediately look for its repair measures.

Damaged Switch

Another prominent failure sign of the variable speed screw air compressor is the damaged switch. This is because due to the presence of a gap between the inner circuitry and pressure switch, the compressor cannot be powered on. This situation shows that the compressor needs a replacement or a repair.


Lacking power is another prominent failure sign of the available Period compressor which means it is not functioning perfectly. This is mainly caused because of internal damage in the compressor.

Lifespan of Oil

A variable speed screw air compressor requires changing of oil after a particular period and it is essential for the proper working of the compressor. If the oil in the compressor is not long-lasting then it is a clear sign that there is damage in the compressor.

Sound Difference

All the variable speed screw air compressors have the same feature that they don’t produce much noise. Hearing the sound from a compressor signifies the damage in the screw compressor that needs fixing.

Air Leakage

A specific kind of internal damage causes the air in the compressor to leak. This leakage of air must be controlled quickly to get rid of any other serious problems.

Ending Remarks

Taking care of a variable speed screw air compressor will contribute to making its performance better and also increase its life period. But there is a chance that it goes bad and you don’t even know about the exact issue. Therefore, it’s important to know the signs that a damaged variable speed screw air compressor creates to alert you about the issue.


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